Delve in to history this season

The green spaces that Earth Trust looks after are steeped in history and this autumn we are embarking on 5 months of exciting excavations ahead of our Gateway project. Before we bring this vision to life, we will be working with DigVentures to help us uncover more from our fascinating past.

Previous digs uncovered evidence that settlers have lived on this land in the Bronze Age, Iron Age and during Roman times. In fact, people have been farming the land on this site for 4,000 years! Today we continue to be a working farm, practising sustainable farming methods, whilst ensuring that our special green spaces are accessible for people to enjoy.

Archaeological investigations provide us with important clues as to how people managed the land and lived in the past. This deeper knowledge helps us preserve this history for future generations and is embedded within our environmental education.  Archaeology isn’t just about the artefacts that we uncover, it’s a way to understand human successes and failures in living in harmony with the natural landscape. We are excited about discovering the valuable lessons beneath our feet that will help us to understand our green spaces even better.

These archaeological investigations will have an impact that goes far beyond  revealing the past. It means that as our Gateway project evolves, we can champion the value of, and care for these historic green spaces in the best way possible. By growing our understanding of how people worked the land and how the environment changed we can shape future approaches to climate change, soil health and more.

Get involved!

We’ll be running a series of events for adults and children to come and get involved between November 2019 and March 2020, starting with site tours (booking now). Look out for our videos of the digs so you can feel close to all the action.

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