Community Archaeology comes to Earth Trust!

This Autumn, our plans to improve visitor facilities will commence with the development of our new education centre. To make way for the new education centre, we have demolished an existing storage hut which has given us access to land which has never undergone any archaeological exploration. We have chosen to partner with DigVentures who run collaborative archaeology projects around the world.

One of the most exciting things about archaeology is that you never know what will be found!  The Earth Trust Centre is nestled at the foot the iconic Wittenham Clumps which are steeped in history. Roman, Bronze Age and Iron Age evidence has already been found on our site – who knows what clues to the past we will find this time!

Get hands-on with the dig!

Although we don’t know what will be uncovered by the dig, our site is so rich in history that we want to share the experience with as many people as possible. A community excavation gives us the opportunity to do just that, helping people to understand more about the unique natural landscape we care for. Together with DigVentures, we will be offering you the opportunity to get involved and find out more about how the past has shaped the landscapes we care for today.

From handling artefacts fresh out of the ground to tours of the dig and an evening talk, there is something for everyone.

Browse the events below to find out more about what’s happening during our archaeology season.

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