Charitable donations stolen from Oxfordshire’s Earth Trust

Earth Trust is saddened to report the theft of donations from a charity donation box on their site at the Wittenham Clumps car park. As the donation box is emptied daily, the thieves did not take much money. They did however, cause significant damage to the donation box which was installed last month.

Earth Trust is an environmental learning charity that champions accessible green spaces. The charity looks after over 500 hectares of woodland, wetland and farmland, including the iconic Wittenham Clumps.

CEO Jayne Manley said in a statement, “Our donation boxes were put in place to provide a fuss-free, easy way for visitors to support our work and show their appreciation of the beautiful landscape that we manage and open to visitors. We are shocked and saddened that one of our donation boxes has been vandalized and that the public donations, given to help the Trust and this site, have been stolen.”

Earth Trust manages the delicate balance between public access to green spaces, sustainable farming and the wildlife. Every penny of the donations made at our sites supports this work and helps to ensure that the green spaces our visitors enjoy are cared for and well managed for years to come.

Jayne Manley added, “We will continue to empty our donation boxes daily and we thank our visitors for their ongoing support of our work without this help the Clumps would not be what it is today”.

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