Director of Programmes & Partnerships

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join Earth Trust at a critical point in its development. This new role will form part of the Senior Leadership Team which will guide the Trust in delivery of our innovative strategy. This team will work together to transform the impact of the Trust and its primary role as champion of accessible natural green spaces for all. How these green spaces are cared for, what they demonstrate and the stories they tell are fundamental to the delivery of our mission and a Director of Programmes & Partnerships is sought to unlock potential in our work. You will be responsible for leading the development, modelling and partnerships of green space ecosystem, natural capital and ecosystem service strategies to show value, benefit, practical delivery and sustainability. You will be responsible for the development, embedding and impact of Earth Trust’s three enabling programmes – Food & Farming, Water & Wetlands and Future Forests – to maximise the influence of the Earth Trust locally, regionally and nationally.

Duties will include:

  • Overseeing the strategic direction of the management of our green spaces – the farm, forestry, woodlands and community reserves as exemplars of accessible natural greenspaces each with their focus, influence, partnerships and opportunity.
  • Leading and developing the staff team to deliver these aims and objectives.
  • Leading new and diverse project development for green space care, demonstration and creation.
  • Creating opportunities and influencing policies relevant to green spaces that enable future support.
  • Leading the development of a comprehensive accessible evidence base through prioritising a monitoring and research framework, where Earth Trust collects evidence for future influence and funding.
  • Enabling visitor access and engagement to sometimes fragile landscapes in a positive and stimulating way.

With experience of influencing policy and practice at a senior level and strong leadership skills you will bring expertise in strategic planning, budgeting and implementation to establish ecosystem, natural capital and ecosystem service approaches and develop green space models for greater impact.

Find out more:

To apply or for further information please contact Sue Rees: [email protected] or 07917 804779.

All enquiries or applications must go through Sue Rees Associates, any communication or CVs sent to Earth Trust directly will be rejected.


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