Earth Trust and a gateway to accessible, natural green spaces

Earth Trust is a champion of accessible natural green space for all, places that are welcoming, rich in wildlife whilst being healthy working landscapes producing food, clean water and air and soils. Places where people of all ages can discover, learn something new and grow in confidence and in their understanding of how to care for the environment around us and our planet.

Earth Trust, its Farm and the Wittenham Clumps, has more than 150,000 visits a year and more people are expected to enjoy this special place in the future. We recognise that we need to think differently and creatively about the welcome we offer, how we excite people about our amazing environment and how we do this to safeguard and protect our heritage.  With all this in mind Earth Trust is developing a new approach, a new model for accessible and natural green spaces and we are calling this our Gateway Programme.

Our Gateway Programme will explore and showcase the rich cultural and natural heritage of our green spaces and how we care for our rich and diverse landscapes. It will include opportunities for learning and discovery, and will inspire debate and action.

Through the programme we will include and link our communities, how we live and where we live and how the decisions we make daily, impact the environment and the sustainability of our natural green spaces. We will be able to consider and involve people in decisions that are made as we design and construct the welcome, what we use as building materials, how sustainable they are and how much carbon is used in their making and what they lock away.

We are currently fundraising to bring our Gateway Programme to life and have received significant support to date, totalling £1.87million. We are extremely grateful to OxLEP and our Trusts for their outstanding support which has enabled us to start with the Earth Lab, the Innovation Hub and the archaeology – or Archaeology Live. There is still a long way to go as we explore and develop a new approach. There is still time to be part of this exciting and transformational initiative!

Please pledge your support or contact the Fundraising Team to find out how your contribution can make a real difference.

If you have any questions or would like further information about the Gateway Programme please get in touch.



Artist's impression of the Gateway

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Earth Lab and Innovation Hub Timeline

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We will be breaking ground in early 2020 and have a season of activities for you to get involved with.

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