Family History Days

This summer, take a trip back in time with our fantastic immersive history-based family events as we bring the ancient world to life – with you in a central role!

Be transported to Ancient Britain and Medieval times to learn the life skills from the time, handle genuine artefacts, build survival shelters and cook on an open fire.

There are four sessions and each one is distinct and unique in its own right, together providing a wide view of thousands of years of history in Oxfordshire. Choose your favourite period or come along to all four sessions to explore the different ages.

Dates: Thursday 1st, 8th, 15th & 29th August

Times: 10am to 2.30pm – bring a packed lunch to eat at our garden picnic tables

Ages: Suitable for children aged 4+

Price: £25 per 1 child & 1 adult, additional children £10, additional 1 adult free

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Don’t miss out on an incredible day of family fun guaranteed to spark your curiosity. A unique and tangible way to connect with prehistory.

Sensational Stone Age – 1st August

Be transported back to the Stone Age and immerse yourselves in a landscape steeped in history. As a family you will test your Stone Age life skills, handle genuine ancient artefacts, build a survival shelter in the woods and learn to light a fire. Together, you’ll create your own Stone Age cave painting using inspiration from ancient art.

Incredible Iron Age – 8th August

Be transported back to Ancient Britain to the site of an incredible Iron Age village and hillfort. You will handle genuine Iron Age artefacts, learn to weave the walls of an Iron Age roundhouse and cook flatbreads on the open fire.

Really Influential Romans  – 15th August

Be transported back to the site of a magnificent Roman Villa and connect with the Roman influence on Britain. As a family you will visit our Roman archaeological site, handle genuine Roman artefacts, and learn about the Roman influence on our modern diet. Together, we will finish by playing Roman inspired games in the garden.

Invaders and Settlers – 29th August

Be transported back to Medieval Britain at Earth Trust, a place surrounded by Anglo Saxon sites and influence. You’ll weave your own yarn from Earth Trust farm wool, build a wattle wall to keep your livestock in place, and cook delicious honey cakes on the fire.