Martin and Audrey Wood

Earth Trust was originally set up as the Northmoor Trust for Countryside Conservation in 1967, with a generous endowment from our Patrons, Sir Martin and Lady Audrey Wood.

Sir Martin, sadly, passed away in 2021 but his contribution – not just to Earth Trust, but to the Oxfordshire community as a whole – has been transformational.

Sir Martin was a physicist and was involved in building some of the first superconducting magnets; realising the commercial potential of his research area at the time, the Woods founded Oxford Instruments in 1959. Superconducting magnets were in demand for MRI scanners all over the world and the company became a huge success. This enabled the couple to found and fund several science and environmental organisations across Oxfordshire, starting with the Northmoor Trust. The choice of name came from Northmoor Road in Oxford, where Sir Martin and Lady Audrey lived, and where JRR Tolkein also lived for much of his life. We rebranded as Earth Trust in 2011.

Photo taken by Gabriel Hemery for the couple’s 90th birthdays in 2017.

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