Katie Bathe-Taylor

“I wanted to start volunteering, but working full time I had struggled to find an opportunity that fitted around my current commitments. I was aware of Earth Trust’s Lambing Weekend and thought it would be a fun way to spend a couple of days. As well as allowing me to volunteer without a long term commitment.

During the weekend I learnt so much about Earth Trust and the varied work they do. I became aware of another volunteering role, community warden, which required as little as one hour a month, and one of the location was just down the road from me. So it seemed like a perfect fit.

One off event volunteering has allowed me to meet lots of local people (staff, other volunteers and attendees), help with many activities that I wouldn’t normally get to experience in my day to day role, including the children’s craft area, cafe and farmyard area. And I also got to meet some of the lambs which has to be the highlight!

Through wardening I am helping to maintain my local environment as well as getting back to nature. All without a large sacrifice on my part, as spending time in the beautiful Castle Meadows can hardly be considered a chore!

Definitely get in touch with Earth Trust – there are so many varied volunteering roles that can fit around your commitments and reflect your interests.”

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