In December 2019 Bio-Techne donated trees to be planted Little Wittenham Wood. Bio-Techne had run an internal drive to reduce its use of paper and donated a sum representing the saving to the company, based on the cost of the paper. A staff team from Bio-Techne spent a day volunteering at Earth Trust to plant the trees.

Bio-Techne said: “The team really enjoyed the outdoor exertion, led by Tim who was very informative about the Trust, the area of woodland we were tree planting in and the types of trees we were planting that day. Tim guided and supported us but also made a great cup of tea, with biscuits, that made a difference to complete the task before the rain came. We’re definitely planning a return day for team members as everyone enjoyed it and to see how our trees have taken to their new environment.”  

Tim Read, Senior Land Manager at Earth Trust, explained the importance of the work: “The trees are broadleaved species typical of this area and were planted as part of our management plan for the wood. It’s very important to have a mix of species and ages in a woodland in order to provide long term tree cover and provide a varied array of habitats for birds and insects. We rely on planting as well as natural regeneration to achieve this so we always welcome more trees. The team from Bio-Techne did a great job.”

During 2020 Bio-Techne has continued to support Earth Trust, although the volunteering day was postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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