Teams from Aether have volunteered at Earth Trust since 2015. In November 2019 the team carried out much needed repairs to the deer fence which protects Paradise Wood, Earth Trust’s research woodland.

Tim Read, Senior Land Manager at Earth Trust explained: “Paradise Wood is a national resource for research into trees: their health and resilience and the species diversity which will enable foresters to produce high quality hardwood timber. We are very grateful for the work the Aether team has done to care for this important woodland.”

Aether also donated new trees which have been planted in Little Wittenham Wood.

Tim added: “With Aether’s donation we have planted broadleaved species typical of this area. A mix of tree species and ages in the woodland is vital for the sustainable management of the wood and is a foundation for encouraging biodiversity, providing an array of habitats for birds, insects and small mammals. Many thanks to Aether – on behalf of our many ‘residents’ (from beetles to butterflies) and the visitors who come from far and wide to enjoy Little Wittenham Wood.”

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