Looking forward to Earth Lab

By Jenny Creese, Head of Environmental Education

The opportunity to be part of Earth Lab from the very beginning was an amazing opportunity for me and the whole Environmental Education Team. We have been blessed with working in our beautiful learning barn for 10 years, welcoming children, young people, adults and families to learn about the land, environment and history of this area.

However, if you’ve ever experienced this you’ll also know that the space has, at times, been dark, a little cobwebby and the acoustics leave something to be desired! So to be able to look forward to winter gardens with plants and vegetables growing, a covered outdoor classroom, and a little more tech is a dream come true. But why, when our work is about the outdoors, environment, nature and farming, do we need an indoor space?

A wise teacher once said to me, “why learn about the weather indoors when you can experience it for real outside?” – and I couldn’t agree more. The last thing Earth Lab is about is bringing outdoor learning indoors. But it gives us the greatest opportunity to deepen the learning and understanding of the natural processes we see happening around us. To bring statistical analysis to the bug hunt Year Three did in the morning, or the GCSE habitat transects completed over the course of four seasons. Earth Lab is about bringing the indoors out with hand held microscopes, and the outdoors in through deeper experimentation of the principles of natural processes.

I am so excited about this new chapter of Earth Trust that we and you will all be taking part in through Earth Lab!


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