Families plant trees in memory of loved ones

November is the perfect time of year to plant trees. The young saplings which are lifted from the nursery are dormant after their burst of activity over the spring and summer, and the ground into which we plant them is just right; damp after the autumn rains and still warm enough after the summer to help the young trees take root in their new home.

Over the last few weeks Earth Trust has been planting trees in various locations around the farm, including new hazel trees in Little Wittenham Wood. These particular trees are extra special as they have been planted to commemorate a special event or to remember a lost loved one.

We welcomed family members to come along and help plant their tree; each planting was unique, special and highly personal. The hazel trees we planted together will be an important part of Little Wittenham Wood, providing vital habitat for wildlife in the low woodlands, as well as materials for Earth Trust to use in our 20 kilometres of hedgerows.

It was an honour to enable each family to remember their loved one, whose trees will be well looked after.

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