Engage and inspire the public

Establish a Gateway to the Earth Trust Farm, addressing our challenges of access and engagement and improve visitor experience which will:

  • Excite and inspire the public about life-sustaining natural ecosystems through fun and meaningful activities
  • Bring to life the cycles of food from growing to eating, the cycle of wood from planting trees to using timber products, the management of water from landscape management to human use
  • Provide basic visitor needs and encourage financial support

Engage the public:

  • Through access to local natural green spaces, advancing their understanding of ecosystems and their role in caring for them
  • Put in place way-marking and interpretation to facilitate access and use technology to deepen understanding across the farm

Embed the principles of social research:

  • Collect information and evidence to monitor and inform the development of our activities in pursuit of our mission

Improve skills and confidence, education and STEM attainment:

  • Refresh our Earth School programme and Countryside Skills qualification so that young people will benefit from cross-cutting disciplines of science, maths and geography applying their learning
  • Increase the number of young people taking part in activities, addressing and breaking down barriers
  • Refresh and expand adult skills and learning opportunities by developing an Earth School approach for adults
  • Help individuals and communities learn more about the environment and motivate them to address the environmental challenges society faces

Increase the diversity and number of people who volunteer for Earth Trust:

  • Address barriers to their involvement

Develop an Earth Lab programme where more people and businesses play a part in the Earth Trust and its mission:

  • Develop our business incubation hub and facilities for local businesses with a shared interest
  • Consolidate our Farm Step project, working with partners to communicate its benefits and achievements
  • Increase the number of apprentices involved with the Earth Trust
  • Encourage research partners to use our land and collections to further knowledge and understanding

Become a champion of green spaces through a better understanding of the need:

  • Develop a programme of partnership and influencing at local, district and county level, linking nationally; where Earth Trust is a champion of embedding ecosystem thinking and the general public becomes central to caring for the environment
Excite and inspire the public about life-sustaining natural ecosystems through fun and meaningful activities
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