Care for, improve and communicate about the natural green spaces we manage

Ensure that the Earth Trust Farm, community reserves and its forestry, woodlands, wetlands
and meadows:

  • Are well managed in line with annual management plan agreements
  • Have an increased profile so that their value is better known

Develop an ecosystems approach to managing the landscape of the Earth Trust Farm where ecosystem service value is identified, described and communicated

Ensure the biodiversity within our care is understood and plans for monitoring indicator species are in place

Develop protocols for engaging volunteers and public facing citizen science programmes linking with partners who store and analyse data

Look after and promote the value of our living plant collections:

  • Paradise Wood as a living forest genetic reserve
  • Broad Arboretum, a living library of every tree and shrub species native to Oxfordshire
  • Neptune Wood 10,000 oak trees that celebrate the major role these trees made in the Battle of Trafalgar
    200 years ago
We will look after and promote the value of our living plant collections
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