How we are funded

We were originally set up with an endowment and we have invested much of this in our land and buildings. We are moving rapidly to a position where we can fund all our work without reliance on our endowment. We have earmarked funds to see us through the current transition period.

While our aims are entirely charitable, we are also a business, and financial discipline is something we take very seriously. We don’t seek to make a profit through every one of our activities, but we do seek to cover our costs. We have a five year financial forecast and fundraising strategy. We set ourselves annual budgets and income targets and we are rigorous about measuring our performance against these.


We have a turnover of approximately £1.2 million. Most of our funds are spent running our sites, our various learning programmes, events and scientific research. Our income is from a range of sources including grants from funding bodies like the National Lottery, service contracts with local authorities, our farm, ticket sales from events and course fees.

Friends and Supporters

We rely a great deal on our Friends and supporters who give regular income and contribute to our appeals. As we look to diversify our income sources in the future this type of funding will become ever more important to us. We are also extremely grateful for the contribution from volunteers. This dedicated work force gets valuable work done across all elements of the Earth Trust’s work and boosts our staff capacity.

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